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Call Us Today!
(321) 409-2931
Call Us Today!
(321) 409-2931
Q. How long will it take to get an estimate?
A. After your initial phone call, your estimate will be done within 2-7 days. If we cannot get your estimate, we will recommend another qualified local roofing company.
 Q. How long will it take to replace my old roof with a new roof?
A. From start to finish, most roofs are completed within 2-5 days.
 Q. How much will a new roof cost me?
A. It depends on the size and style of your roof. Call us today to receive your free estimate.
Q. What can I do to maintain my new roof?
A. Maintenance of your new roof will be very minimal because we only use Class A Fungus resistant Shingles.
Q. Do you use nails or staples?
A. We do not use staples. We use six nails with every shingle. Doing so ensures that the shingles will stay in place.
Q. What does the warranty cover?
A. We provide two separate warranties for a reroof. One warranty is given by the manufacturer of the roofing materials that are placed.
Q. Will I have to clean up after my roof is completed?
A. No. Every job is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day, including cleaning grounds with a magnetic sweeper to pick up nails and other loose metals. Driveways and all walkways are swept and all debris is hauled away.
 Q. Will I have to pay any money up front?
A. No, deposits are not required. You pay at the end upon completion.
Here are some useful tips for homeowners wishing to invest in a new roof, for homeowners going through a reroof process, or for homeowners wishing to keep their current roof maintained:
Do your research! Purchasing a roof is a large investment and must be taken very seriously. Because we live in an area prone to detrimental weather, making sure you have the right roof can make a extreme difference. Roofing contractors are responsible for pulling and paying for all permits required to do your roof. 
Make sure the roofing company you choose is licensed and insured.
If your roof is over 15 years, you probably need to get a new roof.
If you wish to cancel a signed contract, you have three business days to do so before any penalties incur.
Keep the permit posted on your home until the contractor informs you that all inspections have been conducted and passed.
If your roof is under a warranty, do not modify it in any way. This will make your current warranty null and void.

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